BFA show Friday April 30th 5-8 pm

Welcome to the 2021 Graphic Design BFA Show

Join us for a night of design through a social VR experience.

Reception Friday April 30th 2021 at 5 pm - 8 pm

Enter the Main Gallery and jump to student's VR galleries by clicking on their gallery portal located on each students board in the main gallery. view the BFA website to view students portfolio websites or join their VR gallery.

Join the Awards ceremony at the "Stage" at 6:30 pm. If the room is full you should be able to see and hear from the Lobby as a "spectator".

Make sure to update your name when you join and plug in your headphones or mute yourself to control audio feed back. Use any device to join, computer, tablet, phone, or HMD. Watch the navigation video below for more information.

Code of Conduct

Thank you for joining us here in the galleries! Please remember to treat this virtual space as you would any other public gallery. Respect both the other people who have gathered and the student's work.

Keep in mind that if you are speaking or using the chat, others in the room or in the lobby may be able to see or hear what you are saying.

Dont forget to Sign the Guest Book!

Join the show discord to leave a message for the students or ask questions. There is a guest book chanel to leave a message for everyone and individule channels for each student. Join our Discord Server to Sign the Guest Book

Documentation: Mozilla Hubs controls

Creating a realistic Avatar

If you have issues loading the main gallery, you can go straight into each student's room with these links. Make sure to limit your open windows on your browser and close other programs on your laptop. Hi-speed wifi will give you the best experience. If using Safari, you will need to allow pop-ups. If you have issues with your microphone, check that your browser is allowing you to connect audio.

Student Gallery Rooms